Mobility Training

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What is mobility training?

Mobility training is for those who are not necessarily dealing with pain or injury, but feel limited in their ability to move as freely or easily as they would like.

As we get older and become more sedentary, or as we do repetitive activities in our work or accumulate injuries in our sports, we tend to lose range of motion in our joints. This begins to limit the movements we can do in daily life. Things that used to be easy become hard – reaching to the top cupboard for a dish, getting up and down off the floor to play with your child, or playing your favorite recreational sport. Training joint range of motion is a proactive way to slow down or prevent these changes from happening.
Edmonton Mobility Training

Functional Range Conditioning (FRC)

FRC is an approach developed by Canadian chiropractor Dr. Andreo Spina to do just that. Pulling heavily from the scientific literature, Spina popularized the concept that joint range of motion can be trained just like any other physical quality such as strength, speed, or jump height. He used a scientific approach to create a system that is specifically designed to help joints move and feel their best, much like weight training is designed to improve the size and strength of muscles. FRC is a proven tool for joint health and is used by physiotherapists, chiropractors, and strength and conditioning coaches worldwide.

Why mobility training is for you

If you feel constantly stiff, tight, or limited, then mobility training is for you. Improving mobility is one of the best pre-emptive things you can do to maintain your body and get out in front of future problems.

Improve an individual joint, squat down with more ease, or enhance what your body can do in your favorite sport – FRC can help you achieve these goals and more.