What to Expect

The key to any successful treatment plan is a thorough assessment.

Your first visit to Hybrid will be an assessment ranging from 90 minutes to 2 hours long, which includes getting to know you as a person – there is much more to you than a hodgepodge of muscles and bones. Great relationships are just as important to treatment as anatomy and physiology!

What to expect - Hybrid Therapy

Your physical assessment will be done with the goal of discovering your root issue, as well as explaining why it is happening.

You will leave with a solid understanding of what your rehabilitation program might contain and why. Expectation management is also a crucial part of the initial visit. Setting realistic goals and timelines for treatment helps mentally prepare you for the inevitable ups and downs of the rehab process.

The assessment may include hands-on treatment, soft tissue work, or therapeutic exercise. At the end, you will leave with “homework”. The bedrock of all rehabilitation programs, and the only way they work, is if the exercises are done every day at home. You will learn why you are doing particular exercises, how they work, and how to do them properly.

About Hybrid Therapy/Coverage

Hybrid Therapy & Training is a functional training and massage therapy practice. If you have massage therapy coverage as part of your extended health care benefits, your treatment will likely be covered by your plan. Massage therapy is covered in many plans, but coverage varies depending on your plan and your provider. Some plans will cover 100% of the treatment cost, while others will only cover a portion and require you to pay the rest out of pocket. It is a good idea to check your plan first to see how much coverage you have.

Hybrid Therapy & Training does not direct-bill. We will issue you a receipt after every treatment to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Contact us for more information about medical coverage for your sessions.